Donald Trump On Immigrants:  “They’re Bring Drugs.  They’re Bringing Crime.  They’re Rapists.”  “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.  It’s true.  And these aren’t the best and the finest.  When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.  They’re not sending you.  They’re not sending you.  They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing those problems with us.  They’re bringing drugs.  They’re bringing crime.  They’re rapists – and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting.”  [Donald Trump, Presidential Campaign Announcement, New York, NY 6/16/15]


Donald Trump:  “I’ll Use The Word Anchor Baby.” “Reporter: Anchor baby, that’s an offensive term, people find that hurtful.  Donald Trump: You mean it's not political correct and yet everybody uses it? Reporter:  Look it up in the dictionary, it’s offensive.  Trump: Give me a different term, give me a different term. What else would you like to say. Reporter: A child, an American born child of an undocumented immigrant.  Trump: You want me to say that, okay, Iuse the word anchor baby. Excuse me, I’ll use the word anchor baby.”  [Donald Trump, Press Conference, Derry, NH, 8/19/15]


Trump:  “You’re Going To Have A Deportation Force.” “Mika Brzezinski: OK, conceptually, I understand what you're saying and what you’re describing. But still tell me the how. Are you going to have a massive deportation force?  Donald Trump: You're going to have a deportation force, and you're going to do it humanely and you’re going to bring the country -- and, frankly, the people, because you have some excellent, wonderful people, some fantastic people hat have been here for a long period of time. Don't forget, Mika, that you have millions of people that are waiting in line to come into this country and they’re waiting to come in legally.” [“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 11/11/15} 


Trump Attacked A Judge In The Trump University Case For His Hispanic Heritage:  “We're Building A Wall. He's A Mexican.”“Jake Tapper Is it not -- when Hillary Clinton says, this is a racist attack -- and you reject that -- if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism?  Donald Trump: No, I don't think so at all.  Tapper: No? Trump: No. He's proud of his heritage. I -- I respect him for that.  Tapper: But you're saying he can't do his job because of that.  Trump: Look, he's proud of his heritage. OK? I'm building a wall. Now, I think I'm going to do very well with Hispanics. Tapper: He's a legal citizen. Trump: You know why I'm going to do well with Hispanics? Because I'm going to bring back jobs, and they're going to get jobs right now. They're going to get jobs. I think I'm going to do very well with Hispanics. But we're building a wall. He's a Mexican. We're building a wall between here and Mexico.  The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings, rulings that people can't even believe. This case should have ended years ago on summary judgment. The best lawyers -- I have spoken to so many lawyers. They said, this is not a case. This is a case that should have ended.”  [“State of the Union,” CNN, 6/5/16


Trump:  “Donald J. Trump Is Calling For A Total And Complete Shutdown Of Muslims Entering The United States.” “Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.”  [Donald Trump, Rally, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 12/7/15] 


Trump:  “We Have A Muslim Problem.”  “We have a Muslim problem.  We have an absolute Islamic – when you look at radical Islam, it’s a disaster worldwide.  I’m not just talking here, I’m talking worldwide.  You probably noticed about a couple months ago I was saying that Brussels is a hellhole.  The New York Times attacked me very viciously that I would make such a statement about a place and it turned out to be a hellhole and now I’m getting great credit for prognostication, for predicting.  I’ve made a lot of good predictions.  I know what’s happening.”  [Michael Koolidge Show, 3/29/16] 


Donald Trump:  “I Watched When The World Trade Center Came Tumbling Down. And I Watched In Jersey City, New Jersey, Where Thousands And Thousands Of People Were Cheering As That Building Was Coming Down.”  “Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”  [Donald Trump, Rally, Birmingham, AL, 11/21/15] 


Trump Said That African American Youths Had “No Spirit.” If you look at black and African—you just take a look—and if you look at black and African-American youth, I mean to a point where they've just about never done more poorly; there's no spirit, there's killings on an hourly basis, virtually, in places like Baltimore and Chicago, certain sections of Chicago, and many other places that we could talk about, many other places.”  [Donald Trump, Press Gaggle, Linthicum, MD, 6/23/15]  


Trump On African Americans:  “They Are Going To Like Me Better Than They Like Obama.”  ““They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.” [“Media Buzz,” Fox News, 1/24/16


Trump On Black Lives Matter:  “I Think They’re Trouble. I Think They're Looking For Trouble.”  “I think they’re trouble. I think they're looking for trouble.  I’ve looked at a couple of the people that were interviewed from the group. I saw them with hate coming down the street last week talking about cops and police and what should be done to them, and that was not good. I think it’s a disgrace that they're getting away with it. I think it’s disgraceful the way they’re being catered to by the Democrats.”  [“O’Reilly Factor,” Fox News, 9/8/15] 


Trump Refused To Condemn His Supporters Sending Anti-Semitic Threats To Reporter Julia Ioffe:  “I Don’t Have A Message To The Fans.  A Woman Wrote An Article That’s Inaccurate.”  “Wolf Blitzer:  But the anti-Semitic death threats that have followed –Donald Trump:  Oh, I don't know about that. I don't know anything about that. You mean fans of mine?  Blitzer:  Supposed fans of posting these very angry – but your message to these fans is?  Trump:  I don’t have a message to the fans.  A woman wrote an article that’s inaccurate.” [“Situation Room,” CNN, 5/4/16

Elizabeth Warren Says Donald Trump Is a 'Thin-Skinned Racist' for Calling Her 'Pocahontas' "Come on, look at what he has said about Mexicans, look at what he has said about Muslims. Look at what he has said over and over -- in fact, you don't even have to quote me on this -- when he had ruling against him on Trump University, he was being sued for fraud over that university. He tried to attack the judge, the federal judge in his case."

She added: "Trump said, 'Well, I heard he's Mexican and therefore he can't sit in judgment in my case.' He believed that his bigotry disqualified a Mexican-American judge." [ABC News, 7/27/16]

50 years of denial: How the American news media enabled the racism of Donald Trump and the Republican Party Donald Trump’s repeated use of overt racism against Latinos and Hispanics, Muslims, African-Americans, and First Nations people made it increasingly difficult for the American news media to deny that racism and white identity politics were central to his political quest to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2016. But again, this behavior is not new among Republicans. As such, it is not a sufficient explanation for why some voices in the American news media are finally acknowledging that the Republican Party is a white identity organization under the bigot-in-chief Donald Trump. [, 7/27/16]

Cherokee Nation chief tells ‘racist’ Trump to stop calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas’ Navarro was outright angry. “We are a fabric in America! We are a melting pot!” she explained. “Neither you or Donald Trump are direct descendants of Pocahontas, so you can stop right now saying that heritage, that race, that history are not part of our society in America. They are and it’s part of what makes American great again. Donald Trump wants to make America hate again.” [, 7/27/16]

Why Donald Trump's rise reminds us of David Duke While all prominent Louisiana Republican leaders have endorsed Trump, they are running from Duke, just as their predecessors did in 1990. That’s understandable, as Duke is now an ex-con, while Trump is merely a con artist.

What GOP leaders here won’t admit, however, is that the two men are very much alike. They admire dictators (Duke: Hilter; Trump: Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan). They shamelessly exploit class and racial grievances. Fear and hatred of minorities are key features of their appeal. Both enjoy support primarily among uneducated white males. 

Their key difference, however, is that Trump’s bigotry is covered by the fig leaf of his history in New York real estate and construction. Duke has to his credit only a brief stint in the Louisiana House, his role in the KKK and a few years wearing prison stripes. [, 7/26/16]